Tree Services And Removal In Vancouver, WA

Target Tree Service and Removal is a more than 15-year-old tree care company in Vancouver, WA.

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We are counted among the best in Vancouver. Our trained arborists have been certified by Nationally credited institutions. They have a vast knowledge of trees and can help you make sure the tree services go smoothly.

Services We Provide:

Residential Tree Service In Vancouver, WA

Trees play a great role in your property. And that’s why we bring you affordable tree care services by professionals in your residential property. We have helped enough homeowners to know how to do the job right.

Commercial Tree Service In Vancouver, WA

We are the first choice for commercial institutions and companies when they need tree care services. Commercial places have a lot of people that is why we take extra care while providing tree care in commercial places.

Tree Removal In Vancouver, WA

If you want to remove a tree on your property that is dead, infested, coming in the way of construction, not serving any purpose, or damaging your property in some way, we can help you remove it.

Tree Trimming In Vancouver, WA

A shapely looking tree, with no wayward leaves, looks organized and professionals. It will make your property look so much better. That is why we provide high-quality tree trimming services.

Tree Cutting In Vancouver, WA

We cut trees of all sizes, shapes, and species. We do the job right and safe. When you need quality tree cutting let us know.

Tree Pruning In Vancouver, WA

Is a tree farming your property? A tree can be a nuisance. The fruits could stain your porch, the branches could mess up your yard.

Stump Removal In Vancouver, WA

We can either gride the tree stump or remove it from the roots, as needed. We have the right equipment to do the job right for commercial and residential properties. When you need to do construction such as build a porch or driveway where the stump is, you will have to remove the stump from the root.

Stump Grinding In Vancouver, WA

The stump is ground few inches below the surface so natural decomposition naturally degrades the stump. With the stump gone you will be able to use the area however you like. Stump grinding takes less time and more effective. It doesn’t destroy your property and helps you get flat land.

Brush Clearing In Vancouver, WA

We have heavy-duty brush removal machines that can remove brush in a matter of minutes. No need to have dirty land when you can clear it with professional help.

Arborist Services In Vancouver, WA

When you hire us we provide arborists. Our arborists have studied the biology, chemistry, and physics of trees. They help in the safe cutting of trees, preventing infestation, safe trimming, and pruning. When you have trees on your property that are dying and need help, our arborists can give you some advice.

Insect & Disease Management In Vancouver, WA

Target Tree service and Removal Provides insect and disease management by providing effective remedies of such infestation. Our arborists are knowledgeable people who know effective methods of preventing tree infestation.

Risk Assessments In Vancouver, WA

It is always best to get risk assessments and prevent accidents from happening while tree removal or pruning. We at Target Tree service and Removal is the best at risk assessment. Give us a call today.

Emergency Storm Cleanup In Vancouver, WA

When your yard is destroyed in a storm, you need a reliable company for the storm cleanup. We are that company for you. Let us know what kind of clean up service you need after the storm and we will be at your service.

Tree Preservation In Vancouver, WA

Tree preservation is our forte. We have the right people to prevent endangered species of trees. If you don’t want to remove trees from your property and want to deal with the issues posed by some trees in different ways, let us know.

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