Tree Services And Removal In Sequim, WA

Trees are one of the most important parts of our life. They give life to our property. However, some trees might need removal or some service to look better.

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Target Tree Service and Removal provides all kinds of tree care service for the people of Sequim, WA. We are licensed and have some of the best people working for us. When you need quality tree service at affordable prices in Sequim, WA, you come to Target Tree Service and Removal.

Services We Provide:

Residential Tree Service In Sequim, WA

We are the people for you if you are the owner of a residential property looking for tree service. Target Tree Service and Removal assists with the removal, cutting, pruning, trimming, or stump removal of all kinds of tree services.

Commercial Tree Service In Sequim, WA

Give us a call when you are searching for commercial tree service at a reasonable price. We believe in professional work, which means that the surrounding land, citizens, and our own employees are covered. No matter what kind of tree service you need us for, we’re doing our best.

Tree Removal In Sequim, WA

When you need to remove a tree, we ensure that the surrounding area is covered before the tree removal process starts. We will take permits from the tree that is in a position where permission to be removed is necessary. Without any complications, we are successful in safely removing dead and damaged trees.

Tree Trimming In Sequim, WA

Our workers can climb trees, use a ladder on them, and use trimming equipment to safely bring the trees into asymmetrical shapes. They have the expertise and training to climb trees and get the components from below that are not easy to get.

Tree Cutting In Sequim, WA

We provide a professional service for tree cutting that is performed safely and affordably. You come to us when you are looking for better tree trimming.

Tree Pruning In Sequim, WA

If your yard has too many dry leaves and twigs, if the tree on your property is drying up, it’s best to prune it. Tree pruning, including the removal of undesirable branches. Our team is great at efficiently pruning all types of trees.

Stump Removal In Sequim, WA

Our services for stump grinding ensure that you get secure stump removal. There’s no need to dig or wreck your house. Stump grinding is the safest way to go if you do not mind the roots in the ground when being smooth and for use.

Stump Grinding In Sequim, WA

When you need less headache-inducing stump removal, get stump grinding. The mechanism is much faster. To transform the stump into mulch to get flat earth, a grinder is used.

Brush Clearing In Sequim, WA

Service and removal of Target Tree support residential and industrial properties with brush clearing services. If the wild brush in your yard or commercial land takes up space, send us a call.

Arborist Services In Sequim, WA

We supply arborists when you recruit us. The morphology of trees is well researched by our arborists before we start working on the tree. They lead to the healthy cutting of trees, infestation control, healthy trimming, and pruning.

Insect & Disease Management In Sequim, WA

Insects and diseases occur regularly in trees. The infestation, once infested, spreads quickly and destroys the vegetation. Identification of infested trees and prompt removal is needed if you want to prevent it from occurring. To remove the infestation, medication, sprays, and other techniques may also be used.

Risk Assessments In Sequim, WA

It is often safer to get risk analyses to avoid injuries during tree removal or pruning from arising. At Target Tree service and Removal, we are the best at risk evaluation. Today, give us a message.

Emergency Storm Cleanup In Sequim, WA

You need a professional company for storm cleaning when your yard is damaged in a disaster. We are for you, the business. After the storm, let us know what kind of clean-up service you need and we will be at your service.

Tree Preservation In Sequim, WA

In order to stop endangered species of plants, we have the right people. Let us know if you don’t want to cut trees from your land and want to deal with the problems presented by those trees in various ways.

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