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If you are looking for professional tree service in Red Oak, TX, you have come to the right place. We are one of the best known all-around tree services in Red Oak.

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We are a licensed and insured company with experienced workers working for us. We take pride in providing the best quality service at affordable prices for residential and commercial property. When you need tree service in Red Oak that you can rely on your call Target Tree Service and Removal.

Services We Provide:

Residential Tree Service In Red Oak, TX

We provide residential tree services that include tree cutting, trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding, brush clearing, and arborist services. We have been one of the best residential tree services in Red Oak. No one understands trees better than us. When you hire us we promise effective service that you will love.

Commercial Tree Service In Red Oak, TX

We provide commercial tree services to public properties, offices, stores, apartment complexes, etc. No matter the kind of commercial property you need the tree service for, we will provide it for you at affordable prices. We have highly efficient teams to handle all kinds of tree service projects.

Tree Removal In Red Oak, TX

Trees need to be removed for several reasons. Some very common reasons to remove trees include dead trees or diseased trees that are posing danger to the surrounding. If the roots of trees are damaging pipelines, foundation, and concrete pavement.

Tree Trimming In Red Oak, TX

We trim trees for commercial and residential property. We understand the need for having trees that complement their property. Trees that are not kept in shape will look wild and do nothing to increase aesthetics.

Tree Cutting In Red Oak, TX

We provide a professional tree cutting service that is done safely and affordably. When you are looking for quality tree cutting you come to us.

Tree Pruning In Red Oak, TX

If the tree in your property is drying up your yard, has too many dry leaves and twigs, it is best to prune it. Pruning the tree including removing unwanted branches. Our team is excellent at pruning all kinds of trees effectively. When you need quality pruning that is done safe, call Target Tree service and Removal.

Stump Removal In Red Oak, TX

If you have a stump on your property that needs removal, give us a call. We understand how difficult removing the stump is. Without proper equipment and knowledge, it is impossible to remove. We help to remove the stump from the roots so you can use the land for construction or whatever other ways you need to use it.

Stump Grinding In Red Oak, TX

Our stump grinding services ensure you get safe stump removal. No need for digging or destroying your property. If you do not mind the roots in the ground while getting flat and for use, stump grinding is the best way to go.

Brush Clearing in Red Oak, TX

Target Tree Service and Removal provide brush cleaning that is effective and clean. We have brush grinders, shrub exterminators that can clear a land surface of the land within minutes. For smaller lands, we have our team that can remove the brush.

Arborist Services In Red Oak, TX

We work with some of the most knowledgeable arborists in Red Oaks. Arborists are essential if you want quality trees service. They will help you with safety, tree preservation, and better tree growth. If you are looking to remove trees, they can help you with that as well.

Insect & Disease Management in Red Oak, TX

Trees get infested with insects and diseases and the only way to prevent that is by understanding signs and taking quick actions. If you notice your trees are being infested give us a call. We will help you restore your trees to its healthy level and prevent further infestation.

Risk Assessments in Red Oak, TX

While providing tree services such as tree cutting, branch cutting, it may fall on surrounding property and destroy it. A risk assessment will ensure that does not happen. Our knowledgeable team will help to make sure the process is done safely with proper permission.

Emergency Storm Cleanup in Red Oak, TX

When you have broken branches and trees in a storm, give Target Tree Service and Removal a call. We will help you get emergency storm cleaning which will include removal of debris from your yard, cutting of broken trees, removal of broken trees, etc. Give us a call if you need emergency storm cleanup.

Tree Preservation in Red Oak, TX

If you are afraid the tree in your property might die, dry out, or get damaged in the storm, give us a call. Our arborist will provide tree preservation techniques that help to preserve your trees in the worst conditions.

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