Tree Insect & Disease Management

It is necessary to note that tree disease is a very time-sensitive issue. Your tree may not be salvageable if it is not caught or handled quickly within the acceptable period of time.

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Trees on their own don’t get better. Some will intensify and gradually decay before therapy is begun, contrary to common opinion.

Symptoms Of Tree Diseases

  • Abnormal Tree-wide Growth
  • Wounds on Trunk and Limbs
  • Cracks In the Trunk
  • Leaves or Decaying Limbs
  • Underdevelopment / Overdevelopment of Tissues
  • Mushrooms on Bark
  • Mushrooms on leaves
  • Roots Revealed

Many insects and disease carrying organisms in your landscape are entirely capable of infecting trees and shrubs. Although many have a marginal effect on flowers and vegetables, their disruptive capacity is important in comparison to trees and shrubs. Target Tree Service and Removal specialises in a range of services to monitor insects and pests and restore the health of your trees and shrubs and your side!

Pests and other insects will wreak havoc on your trees’ wellbeing. If you have an old oak tree in your yard or you’re trying to grow fruit, insect removal approaches can vary. Since Target Tree Service and Removal is an environmentally conscious organisation, we take into account matters relating to the use of pesticides. Our first area of interest is to detect the issue and spot the pest or infestation. A systematic study involving the infested tree(s) or shrub(s) will be done by one of our qualified arborists. Our arborist would be able to clarify the correct course of action, including the life cycle of the pest, after all the knowledge has been gathered, and suggest a care plan involving insecticide sprays.

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