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Since the stump of the tree has roots may be reaching far below the ground affecting the powerlines, pipelines, foundation of the house, it is best to grind the stump down. Grinding the stump prevents future growth of the plant or the growth of the roots. Stump grinding is one of the essential after tree removal if you want to make use of the area. Our expert team has been stump grinding for decades. We are your one-stop solution for everything tree related especially when it comes to Stump Grinding.

Our Attention To Safety

Our team at Target Tree Service and Removal, brings all their necessary equipment to quickly grind down the stump. As a certified team our main priority is to keep our clients and our employees safe. We provide necessary training to handle high intensity equipment. We give them the best equipment that are regularly maintained. We make all the safety gear available so the workers can do their job in utmost safety. Our employees are insured, so you can rest assured. Call today to receive a FREE estimate on our stump grinding services.

Why Would You Need Stump Grinding?

Stump can be a headache if not taken care of in time. Here are a few reasons why you might need stump removal.

Stumps look ugly. The old rotting stump in the middle of nowhere in your backyard is sore eye. It decreases the value, and comes in the way of landscaping. It decreases the overall aesthetics of your yard, so the best thing to do is to remove it.

Stumps can be dangerous if you have kids. Kids like to run around in the yard. They might want to play on the tree stump. Stumps carry bacteria and viruses and if your kid’s knees get scraped by the dirty tree stump you will have to run to the hospital to get your kid vaccinated.

Not removing old tree stumps can cause new growth on the stump. Since stump is still getting nutrients from the ground, if left ignored the stump might grow once again.

Old stumps are nothing but a heaven for insects and hosts of pests. Ants, worms and termites might start an infestation in your yard if you leave the stump as it is. In addition to being annoying it will turn out to be dangerous as well.

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