How To Safeguard Young Trees From Wind Damage?

Any new trees that you may have planted around your yard may be seriously harmed by a windstorm. In order to ensure that your young trees are not uprooted during the next major storm, consider working with an emergency tree service to ensure that your trees are not in danger of wind damage. An ISA arborist will assist you in choosing a protection method that will keep your young trees safe in a storm and free from damage.

Preventing Trees From Wind Damage

Staking them is one of the most productive ways to keep young trees stable in the storm. Robust stakes will provide the growing trunk with extra stability and structural support. A tree cover may also be used to avoid damage to newly planted trees from high winds. You should also make sure to set up daily tree pruning services as your trees grow. Proper trimming of the tree will promote healthy growth and will also avoid the breaking off of bulky branches in the wind.

How To Fix Damaged Plants?

Torn leaves and broken stems are also formed by garden plants whipped by powerful winds. Prompt pruning helps prevent pathogens from entering through ragged breaks and offers an opportunity for the plant to regrow. Snip broken stems under the damage and by pinching, remove tattered leaves. The plant recovers easily and more completely when you tackle these tasks right away. Special consideration needs to be paid to trees and woody shrubs with broken branches. Back to the main branch, cut broken twigs and side shoots. You can shorten major branches to just above a side branch, but you can never develop shortened branches any longer. It’s better to cut it if the remaining branch is not long enough to add a graceful form and character to the tree. Split the branch, or the thickened region next to the trunk, back to the collar.

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