Commercial Tree Services

For your commercial property, tree care and landscape maintenance can help to preserve its beauty and increase its aesthetic appeal.

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In order to successfully preserve your landscape, a well-established, knowledgeable tree service provider will help you prioritise your needs for tree and lawn maintenance and create a detailed, cost-effective schedule.

We recognize that there are particular demands of each landscape. That’s why, we provide different options and versatility to serve the clients. Our customers enjoy our personalized, timely solutions and focus on us where and when they need us to provide assistance. In order to build a detailed, cost-effective strategy to preserve the landscape, we will also help priorities needs.

Golf Courses

In partnership with your in-house crews, our qualified arborists will collaborate to create specific systems to preserve healthy trees and shrubs, essential elements of architecture on every golf course. We are specialists in risk control and mitigating expensive disruption to hurricanes from trees. By root pruning or canopy reduction, our specialists are professionally qualified to improve sight lines and improve turf quality. In reality, our state-of-the-art equipment will help you accomplish your landscape objectives in a timely manner.

Municipal Tree Services

We offer emergency support contracts with a corporation or municipality to bid a year in advance for a regular rate in case there was a storm and help was required. A retainer for the future jobs you may or may not use. If they hire us, municipalities don’t have to go looking for anyone at the last minute if an emergency happens. It makes sense for budgeting as well. The bigger the scheme, the bigger the loss, under certain cases. For this cause, Xpress Tree Service offers horizontal and mobile grinding to minimise waste. For more customization, we also have different end-product sizes.

Office Parks

From tree pruning and lawn fertilisation to performing a safety check, tree inventory, and much more, our arborists and tree and lawn maintenance professionals offer a variety of resources to help you maintain your commercial landscape. Services for consultation are also available for office parks and other commercial areas.

Other Types Of Commercial Properties We Serve :

  • Multi-family apartments. 
  • School Parks.
  • Power Service Contractors. 
  • Retention Pond Cleanouts. 
  • Retail Stores. 
  • Malls.
  • HOAs.

Call Target Tree Service and Removal for serving any commercial property.

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