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Brush Clearing

Our specialised, advanced-technology forestry equipment enables us to carry out our work on jobs of all sizes effectively. It helps us to reach the deadlines, too. Our greatest competitive advantage, though, is not just our advanced tools, it is our team who bring more than 10 years of experience.

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With our plan, all organic material persists as tiny bits of mulch on site. Because the roots of the plant and tree material are not disturbed, this helps the current root system to remain in place to stop soil erosion. There is no need for expensive debris haul-off and/or dangerous site burns because of this. The end result is a cost-saving, environmentally sustainable operation, which essentially improves your property’s cosmetic appearance.

Great outcomes are what matters most and we take pride in delivering skilled, cost-effective services when it comes to field clearing and tree thinning. We’re professionally insured and have an impressive safety record.

How We Do Land Clearing ?

Target Tree Service and Removal is the only business you need to rely upon for your brush clearance needs, whether it is pasture rehabilitation, hunting entry lanes, fencing building, or right of way for utilities and pipelines. Using our fleet of forest mulching devices, we ground leaves, bushes, scrub and saplings into pure Texas mulch. We never leave any piles to burn and we are still working with your property to provide your property with an economic and environmentally sustainable approach to clearing.

A variety Of Essential Measures Are Used In Successful Lot Clearing, Including The Following:

  • Site survey
  • Healthy felling of trees
  • Complete clearance of stumps
  • Brush clearing and clearance
  • Wood chipping and disposal
  • Field regrading (if necessary)
  • Forest restoration (as desired)

Hiring an experienced tree removal contractor would mean that the lot is removed in a thorough and time-efficient way , enabling other service providers such as the homeowner or the landscaper to start their jobs far earlier than having to wait before the owner of the property can find the time to clear the lot themselves entirely.

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