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With thousands of hours of combined practise, we are the premium tree care expert company for Red Oak, Falls Church, Kent and East Hartford. Xpress Tree Service is a well known company serving diff local trees and lawn maintenance. Our success will always be focused on our greatest resources: our customers and our workers.

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Xpress Tree Service offers quality services that monitor the atmosphere in which people live, function and play. A partnership with Xpress is a relationship that is focused on:

Local : We are a family owned company that has been running since 2000. Tree care is our passion and bread earner.

Comprehensiveness : The Promise of Xpress is rock solid. To have the greatest quality of support and satisfaction, you can count on us.

Allegiance : We’re faithful to our clients, and they’re loyal to us in exchange. We guarantee pledge towards your allegiance.

Culture : In the communities we represent, we are an important part, and it shows in our work and in our charitable activities.

Our Values

Back in 2000, Xpress Tree Service was founded on solid, ethical values and today operates with the same values. Our day-to-day activities inside the organisation and with our clients are driven by the following values:

Ethics : We believe in the Golden Rule, and treat our clients, workers and suppliers only as we want to be handled.

Respect : Respect. Our clients, their families (including pets!), their property and their wishes are respected.

Fun : Our job is a big part of our lives, so we believe in making it enjoyable and fun. And our customers will say we like what we’re doing.

Knowledge :  Xpress ensures that our workers are qualified and certified in Tree and Lawn maintenance to ensure the very best. For our employees, we really value professional development, and give many opportunities to learn and develop.

Reliability : We do what we say-on time and as ordered.

Why Do You Need To Hire Us?

It is a lot more difficult when it comes to cutting trees than just sawing off a few limbs and pushing over a tree trunk. It can be a dangerous and challenging job, which is why an experienced arborist, like our team, should always be employed. Here in Athens, we have years of experience cutting trees. To come up with the best removal strategy for your case, we will work closely with you and listen to your requirements.

Tree removal is as much a science as it is an art. We have cut enough trees here at Xpress Service that we have established a keen understanding of how best to remove them without the risk of harming bystanders, harming your house, or damaging the ecosystem. Each member of our team is trained to the highest standard, enabling us to deliver a quality service.

Without compromising protection, we aim to complete a removal as quickly as we can; this is why our firm invests in top-of-the-line equipment. We assume that we can significantly minimise the risk of costly errors and loss of time on the job through this combination of top-of-the-line equipment and training.We have the skills, equipment, and determination to safely cut trees, on schedule, and within your budget.

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