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Target Tree Service and Removal

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If you want quality tree service from a qualified tree company, you have come to the right place. professionals. 

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We work with some of the best tree cutting and tree service . We provide tree service to commercial and residential properties. When you are looking for services that you can rely on and services that show professionalism if the workers, you have got us. Our services are competitively priced and all our workers are licensed and certified.

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No matter if you need help with one tree or multiple trees when you hire us you get all-around assurance. We have worked trimming, cutting, pruning one tree as well as worked for commercial sites to the work for hundreds of trees. We have the experience and the equipment to handle any size of work with ease. We follow safety guidelines as well as take all the permits necessary if required. Tree trimming, stump grinding, or using any heavy-duty equipment requires a certain level of safety measures that we adhere to. Our teams take their work seriously and work towards achieving the best result.

If you are the owner of a residential property, looking for tree service, we are the people for you. Target Tree Service and Removal helps in all kinds of tree services from removal, cutting, pruning, trimming, or stump removal. We have certified arborists working with us, who will ensure your trees remain in the best shape if that’s what you want. If you want safe removal of the tree our team will ensure that is done right.

We provide tree service for all kinds of commercial places such as golf courses, municipalities, multi-family apartments, office parks, retail stores and strip malls, schools, parks, power services contractors, retention pond cleanouts, HOAs. When you are looking for commercial tree service at an affordable price give us a call. We believe in professional work, that ensures the safety of the surrounding property, people, and our own workers. No matter the tree service you need us for, we do it our best.

Trees can be quite a headache when they are encroaching, construction, or coming in the way of construction. Trees are beautiful when they are causing hard rather than increasing beauty, Target Tree Service and Removal will help you remove the tree from the property. WE ensure the surroundings are secured before starting the process of tree removal. We will take permits of the tree is in a place where it requires permission to be removed. We are effective in safely removing dead and damaged trees without any issue.

Tree Trimming

When you want to shape your tree for aesthetic reasons or enhance the healthy growth of the tree, tree trimming services can help. Our workers can climb trees, use a ladder on them, and safely bring the trees to asymmetric shapes with trimming devices. They have the experience and training to climb trees and get the parts that are not easy to get from below.

When your professional tree cutting service gives Target Tree Service and Removal a call. We have proper equipment and professionals who handle the equipment to work on it. We will cut branches that are coming in the way of your property, getting into power lines, or simply damaged from the storm. With professional tree cutting, you will have fewer chances of accidents.

Target Tree Service and Removal is an official pruning expert. We have pruning equipment that safely removes dried twigs and leaves. Pruning will help to keep your yard clean. It will remove dead diseased branches. In case of storm damages or invading trees branches, our team is effective in pruning them as well.

Stump Removal

When you have an obstructive stump on your property, we help to remove it. Whether it is removing by grinding methods or removing it from the root, we will help you with both.

Arborist Services

Our arborists have a deep knowledge of trees, local as well as exotic. They help in safe removal and cutting of trees and also determining whether a specific tree could be cut. They help to file for insurance as well as secure permission.

We grind stumps for easy and effective removal. We grind the stump for commercial as well as residential properties. We understand stumps can be an obstruction in your property. They come in the way of lawn mowing and aren’t safe for kids. It services no purpose yet takes up a lot of space in your yard. With grinding you will be able to flatten the stump to the ground so space can be used again.

We provide brush clearing services for residential and commercial properties. We have brush clearing machines, and heavy-duty vehicles to remove the brush all at once. We will take the mess away with us so your land is clear for whatever purpose you like to use it for. No matter how heavy the growth of brush is in your land, we will help you remove it.

Trees in your yard or property are vulnerable to insects and diseases. If you do not take proper care of your trees you might lose all your trees to insects and diseases. At Target Tree Service and Removal we have certified arborists who have in-depth knowledge of trees and the infestation it may face. We will provide you an effective solution to keep your trees healthy.

Risk Assessments

Removing trees or cutting branches, especially for a big tree, always comes with risks. Trees are awkwardly built, the branches are big. It is hard to decipher where it may fall according to its center of gravity. A professional company like Target Tree Service and Removal who has been removing trees for ages knows how to access the risks and minimize the probable damages.

Storm leaves a lot of debris in its wake. The yard could be full of broken branches, twigs, leaves, debris that has flown off and landed on your yard. If your yard is in shambles and you need to restore it to its original form give us a call. We will remove the debris and take it to the closet landfill. We can remove or cut trees that are damaged during the storm.

Tree Preservation

Certain species of trees are preceded by the state government. Removing them could garner fines or charges for breaking the law. Our arborists help you determine if the tree you are planning to remove is preserved. We can also help to take permission for tree removal if tree removal is absolutely necessary.

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